Air pollution:-
1. The pollution was done because of the machines, factories and industries.
2. It harms the air and thus makes it polluted, in other ways it pollutes the air.
3. Polluted air corrodes the high buildings, it gives red carpet for the acid rain.
4. The polluted air makes the ozone to corrode, thus the UV rays harms the earth.
Noise pollution:-
1. The noise is made up of the horns, air horns, etc...
2. It damages the ear, harms the ear drum.
3. The noise is carried through the air, unlike the air pollution it does not makes the to be polluted, but it makes the organisms to be affected because of the noise.
4. The noise is carried by the waves of the polluted or unpolluted air, but in no way it gives a red carpet to the UV rays.
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Air pollution effects humans, animals, plants. It's hard on our bodies, shortens life spans. It stays in the air in our ozone, and can allow the sun's harmful rays to effect earth more then usual.
Noise pollution is more annoying then anything. But it can be harmful to our ears, and scare away life such as smaller animals, birds. Plus whereever there is noise pollution, is there is usually other forms of pollution. It's highly unlikely that just the human voice could cause so much noise.
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