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1 > It locates a place on globe by making grids.
2 > It tells us about the climatic conditions of a place.
3 > It divides the whole earth in small parts.
4 > It is used while setting the time zone of a place
5 >  It is used to find the time of any place 
6 > It is extremely important for GPS
7 > It provides means for sailors to navigate to new continents
8 > It provides a way for specifying how east/west or north/south an object is.
9 > It used to make out the pressure conditions of any place
10 > It divides the earth into climatic zones which makes it very easy to tell about the weather of any place just by its location.
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LATITUDE:1)latitude lines are are circle the globe in an east -west direction. these lines are also called as parallel lines.  2) latitudes measure how far north or south a point lies from the equator. 3)  the equator is at zero degrees latitude ane seperates earth's northern and southern hemispher . 4) locations north of the equator have latitudes between zero degrees and 90 degrees N.5) locations of south of the equator have latitudes between 0 degrees and 90 degrees S.               LONGITUDE : 1)longitude lies run from the north pole to the south pole.2)this measure that how fast east or west a point on earth lies from the prime meridian.3)                                                

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