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Geyser is a long narrow, vertical cavity formed in earth crust in the earth crust into which underground water seeps. Here the water column is heated by volcanic heat at where the temperature is above 100C due to the pressure exerted by the water column above. due to the deeper positions, this water is very hot than ground water. therefore bubbles arise and the water pushes up. then the eruption will be started. Due to pressure the water rushes out. thus the geyser continues to spray hot water into air.
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I didn't ask about this kinda geyser
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Principle of working of geyser :
Working of geyser depends on the princple to convert electrical energy into heat energy.
Construction of geyser:
In a geyser there will be a vessel, 2 LED bulbs of red and green colours, a pipe taking water inside the geyser , a pipe taking water out of the geyser, thermostat , copper wire and AC current supplier.
Working of geyser:
Copper wire is connected to AC current supplier and the vessel. Thermostat kept near an end of the wire to stop current if it is excess for the geyser.From the inlet pipe the water is filled in the vessel and gets heated due to current. Then green LED light flashes on indicating that water are very hot and can be taken out . When we turn on the tap connected to the outlet of the  geyser  we get hot water from it. Red LED bulb will be on when the water are not still hot . 
A thermostat is a device which maintains the temperature of the device at the desired setpoint . It cuts the circuit if the current is excess.

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