Hai friends today i am very happy to say that we are saying good bye to our 9th class because welcoming to our 10th class. We are completed our education up to 9th class successfully because of the way taught by our teachers and their cooperation. Our teaches treat us as their own children and they always tried to build up both physically and mentally. and when we are talking about our friends, friends are the boon given by the god to us.they are the medicines to us when we are in bad mood or with headache etc. they give a lot of entertainment to us. they are always try to make us happy. Each and every moment that were spend by us are our sweet memories. Now its time to us to step into 10th class. We have to show our dedication, determination on our studies this year too because it is one of the mile stone in our life to give the spell bounding performance in our 10th exams and to get good results. These 9 years are washed out very fastly. but we have to work hard this year and we get a chance to prove ourselves in the society this year. upto now, on these years we are quarreled with so many friends but this is the moment that will join those ones also with us.  So enjoy this day happily and joyfully which we cant get back. we all are here with good at studies because of our parents and this schol management. they keep a lot of hopes on us. we are going to arrive to 10th class. so its time for us to present a good gift to our parents and management. that gift is nothing but our spellbounding performance on the upcoming 10th exams. we all are have a burning desire on our minds that is to get the best marks in our upcoming exams.
        ok guys, we have to keep this on our minds for an year which makes our future bright. guys enjoy this sweet day a lot. thanks for giving this wonderful opportunity for me.
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