the war between india and pakistan was lasted only just 13 days. this war was started on 3 dec 1971 and completed by pakistan signing the instrument of surrender on 13 dec 1971. it is estimated that between 20 to 30 lakh people were killed in this war
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The great I ndo- Pak war is still being a remarkable dazzling event in the history of India.The war was fought between India and Pakistan and was held in 1999 from may to half of july.In this war Pakistan had an interesting war strategy that to capture the Kargil sector and there by to control the trade of goods and transportation through the national highway1 . As per the shimla agreement between India and Pakistan both India and Pakistan shall not cross the LOC but pak violated this treaty and thus India declared war. During the war the pak army treated the the war prisoners(Indian officers) very badly they broke the eyes , insert needles through the ears etc...and at last India won the war and recaptured the kargil sector and there it came to an end.(there were many casualties during the war,poor our brave officers they suffered  a lot ) pls shed atleast a drop of tiers for them .. JAI HIND!      
       ( I said all this because I love my India and want to became an army officer)