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Higher specific heat means the substance can absorb or discard high amount of energy with less change in its temperature. 
During summer, the water evaporates from rivers, ponds etc. by absorbing energy from atmosphere and water bodies. The evaporated water takes very high energy with it and hence leaves the atmosphere and the water bodies relatively at a lower temperature. So we get temperatures of both water sources and atmosphere relatively lower.
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1.Due to high specific capacity,value of water oceans absorbs the solar energy maintain relatively constant temperature.
2.they absorb large amounts of heat at equator.
3.the oceans moderate the surrounding temperature near equator.
4.ocean water transports the heat away from the equator to areas.
5.this transported heat helps moderate the climate in parts of earth that are far from the equator. higher specific capacity value of water is stabilising atmospheric temperature. we should have to extremely appreciate the role of higher specific capacity value of water to stabilise the atmospheric temperature 
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