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It is is a device used to cook food utilising Solar energy

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the simple type of solar cooker is the box cooker. it consists of insulated wooden container with a glass lid and a plane mirror to reflect the sun's rays towards the glass lid. metal containers are placed inside the wooden box. they are painted in black to absorb heat.

the food to be cooked such as rice, pulses, vegetables are placed in the metal containers. the containers are kept in the box and the lid is closed. the reflector is turned towards the sun . it is adjusted so that it receives maximum  sunlight. it takes about 3-4 hours to cook the food. the temperature reached  is about 100 degree Celsius. it can be used effectively with partially overcast sun also.

concentrating  solar cookers use concave reflectors to concentrate sun's rays to the cooking vessels. they cook faster upto 350 degree Celsius but they require direct sunlight.

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