1) yes organic farming is beneficial for us. in oraganic farming no chemicals             are use, keep chemicals out of the air, water, soil and our bodies. because of 
    not using toxic chemical soil become healthy naturally and also not harm full
    to animal like honey bees, birds, and many more.  
2) because now  time we disconnected from nature by watching television,    
   listening to music, using the Internet/computer, playing video games etc and  
   only 1 percent outdoors. it is also need to understand what is nature around
   us and in world and how to protec it. environmental education also aware you 
   about environmental issues and it's solution.
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1.Organic farming is an Eco-friendly method of farming.In this kind of farming  in which no fertilizers or chemicals are used,instead of that organic matter or manures are used.Yes,organic farming is beneficial to us as if we eat crops or cereals grown from a plant which is treated by fertilizers and chemicals then the chances of getting sick and affected gets more.But in organic farming instead of chemicals etc. organic matter is used so we live healthy.So we should make people aware about this.

2.Yes,there is a great need to study environmental education at school time because in school time we tend to learn many things especially new things,and so learning environmental education can be a great thing to us.By this we also gain knowledge about what is going around our environment.Some problems like pollution and so on can be stopped and controlled only if we know about them and we get knowledge about them only if we learn environmental education.