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Three Men, George, Harris, Jerome of the Merry & Lazy Variety of well-to-do Young men of the Victorian Era feel so depressed with their routine & assumed illness (Munchausen Syndrome)
that they decide to go on an Idyllic Cruise along London Thames River for a fortnight, in an equally depressing soggy weather. They pack their food, clothes & the fictional dog, Montmorency, in a small boat. They travel the Country along the Thames. Right from the word ’go’, nothing goes right for them. This book narrates what all they are forced to encounter & endure in their jolly boat ride. They really have an amazing time

1. It’s a short easy-to-read book having just 19 short chapters, all told 150 pages, in Readable Print easy on the eyes.

2. Funny situations in & a clever, brilliant presentation of the story

3. In some limited measure, It helps us to gain the knowledge of & insight into human nature, follies & foibles & absurdities & ironies of Life.
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