Cleanliness is most important for liveliness. We will be hearing many proverbs such as health is wealth and so on. Wealth comes when Health  comes and health comes when Cleanliness comes. So cleanliness is very important for our lives to be alive. 
                          If Health is one aspect Development of nation is another aspect.
If all the citizens of the country are healthy and wealthy automatically country will be with healthy and prosperous heritage . All the people in the nation will be healthy and strive to work for the development of the country .  Infant mortality rate , health index and so on increases which is a positive aspect according to Human development index given by United Nations Development Program .
                          Also if cleanliness increases in our surrounding areas  there will be many visitors visiting India which increases our Trade facilities too. Trade means there will be medium of exports and imports between countries which increases the economic status of the country .
                         Therefore if cleanliness is there not only our health will be healthy our country will also will be healthy . Hence all the rural areas especially cities should maintain cleanliness and contribute their share in the development of the nation . For developing the country we dont have to join in the any of the 3 forces rather we could just maintain cleanliness by not contaminating our surroundings .This work can be done by a simple house wife too. 
                    Villages and cites should play a most important role in maintaining cleanliness . Recently Narendra Modi the former prime minister of India set up a campaign called SWACHH BHARAT concentrating on the cleanliness of our country leading to its development . Therefore all of them should take up few measures to maintain cleanliness .
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