A hearty welcome to all of you present here . I humbly greet each and everyone here specially all the workers .. A very Happy workers day . Thank you so much for all the works you've been rendering to us till now, it is our turn to give you back symbolizing our gratitude towards you . 
                    I was just thinking of a day of ours without you all . Oh my God really very horrible . Our day couldnt move forward without you all . I thank God for giving you all . You all are a gift to us .  
                  Unconditionally u render your services . I thank you all for that .  Not only me the whole world cannot survive without you . An international organization United Nations Organisation which is one of the largest organisations of the world also recognised all the labours of the world and formed an special organ for all the labours , their welfare and protection known as I L O international labour organisation . This organisation sees to all the justice and equality done to the labours .
                  Without you we are nothing as I have said before . We all Love you all so much and lastly thank you for all your services . 
                                        THANK Q\
It may not be the very good speech but hope so that it is help full to u 
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International labour day:
it is celebrated on may 1st it is celebrated all over the world.may day is otherwise called as orgonised labor day.
in india also we celebrate may day as labor day it is started on may 1st 1886. on this day sevaral labor unions U.S went on strike demanding a standard workday of 8 hours. on may 4th there is a bloodshed in chicago. from this bloodshed eight hour work days become the norm in many countries. some countries gives public holidays.
international labor day is still celebrating. on this day various labor organisations accross the countries carry out processions and organize competitions   for children of labor.
                        thank you.  
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