sincere and co-operative
self responsible
focused and commited
optimistic and spinited
reserved and secreline
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Nicola and Jacopo are two brothers which are 13 and 12 years respectively.They belong to Verona a city in Italy.They are engaged in different works to earn money .like-selling fruits(like strawberries), polishing shoes . guiding tourists,selling newspapers etc..They are too small for doing these small works but they all do this in pursuit to earn money. This shows that they are so hardworking.They don't see whether it is day or night , they just focus on the amount of work they have to complete that day(like selling newspaper's part, even in the night they were travelling from one place to another to sell the bunch of newspaper they had).they are mature enough to understand the situation . They were collecting money to pay fees for their sister's treatment of tuberculosis and to make their sister well they don't even spend money on themselves(neither they wore proper clothes as they were shabbily dressed nor they ate enough food . they only ate black bread). this shows that they are too understanding and they too care for their sister.The whole story revolves around these two boys and their hardwork and by seeing their matureness they are considered as Two Gentlemen of Verona.
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I have taken examples from the story to describe Nicola and Jacopo. I hope it helps