Hey, Please give me some tips to improve my mathematics. It has been just two days since the beginning of the new session of the school and I just can't understand anything..I am confused..whenever I see the question, my mind is blank..I understand what the teacher say but when it comes to problem solving I can't do it any more.

Please give some tips



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Its Simple Be attentive in Class 
Practice your Daily Sums Finish the Required Exercise daily
Have a Scheduled Time to Read Maths Weekly
THen well yOU CAN BECOME Awesome
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yeah VipulSoni
Thanks you #both
pick as best Rohs
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Be relaxed ! It happens with almost everyone. Good thing is that you will be able to master mathematics soon if you just work on it. Here's how-
For improving your mathematics read all the examples first and all the formulas  very carefully and only then go for the exercise. It will be better if you solve the exercise after about an hour of reading the examples and formulas. 
Practice it more and more, and must see the examples, your mathematics will be improved very soon.
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Thank you..You really made relaxed..I'll definitely try it
thats good, solve maths with cool mind, don't ever worry
infact solve every problem even of life with cool mind :)
Okay.. :)