The story of Nicola and Jacopo teaches us a lesson of love, faith and trust. These traits are imparted to human beings by supernatural being, the enormous. We can call them pious individuality without which our co-continuation with others will become impractical. We should not be selfish and mean-spirited towards others. We should not hurt the feelings of others. We should have faith in others. In today’s world where all the actions are guided by self interest there is a need of love and reciprocated trust. The whole fabric of society is torn because of loathing and antagonism. There is a need of family bond. Now day’s families are breaking up. There is no mutual trust and mutual love. There is no esteem for one another. This is the lesson that we should learn from Nicola and his brother who work rigid to keep their family bond alive. We should love others, be bothered for others and must have mutual indulgent and trust. We should find irresistible to others, care for others and must have mutual understanding and trust
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