Answer all the following questions to get points and the crown for the branliest answer. the questions are -
1. what is the difference between history and prehistory?
2. How are inscriptions important to us?
3. What is the role of a historian or an archaeologists in the study of history?
4. How are manuscripts different from inscriptions?

these questions r from the 6th history book (name of book is FOOTPRINTS, a book by MACMILLIAN EDUCATION)
plz answer fast


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1 The difference between history and prehistory is that in prehistory there were no written scripts but instead the type of tools which they used were used for studying prehistory
2 Inscrptions are important to us as they tell the meaning or use of the things near them or they tell us about how the past rulers were or how was the life of the past
3 The role of a historian or  a archaeologist is to find out about the life of the past and check out ancient believes or even about ancestors of people 
4 Manuscripts are different  because they are hand written scripts on pieces of bark or rocks but inscriptions are written on monuments.
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