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A Shady Plot

John Hallock reflects upon his experience with Helen's ghost and in retrospect he finds it quite amusing. All the same he is relieved that he is no longer plagued by it. Ironically, the self same ghost inspires his creativity and he writes a diary entry reflecting upon the comical aspect of his experience. Write his diary entry.



Monday,10th Nov. 20xx
10 p.m.
Though I have written a no. of ghost stories,my belief in the existence of ghosts is not quite strong.Even after my encounter with the Ghosh of hellen, I am still apprehensive.Isn't it quite amusing that Helen had been assisting me with the plots of my stories and even touched me, as she said ? And all the time I had been boasting of my abilites as a writer ! I am amused to think that Helen herself was a writer in her previous life and that is why she is now assisting writer like me.Whatever be the case, I feel quite relieved after meeting "my" ghost.There is no doubt that she had been quite generous towards me.What is shocking to me is that my hysterical wife remained calm and composed on seeing Helen.It is a strange that the monument my wife decided to burn her Ouija Board, as desired by Helen, I was at once struck with the idea of an excellent plot of ghost story . I bless you Helen for all your assistance.
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