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German is the easiest language no doubt, online or offline. Its very logical and you'll catch up in a month or two.
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yup m not saying i became a french master but i learnt well enoug in 20 days
is it hw related?
ya dear because its about studies or knowledge na so its same
as home wrk
Probably Esperanto but it depends on from which mother language you come. The Institute of Cybernetic Pedagogy at Paderborn (Germany) has compared the length of study time it takes natively French-speaking high-school students to obtain comparable 'standard' levels in Esperanto, English, German, and Italian are the easiest languages to learn.
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french or sanskrit
sanskrit is the otughest language in the world i know it because i have learnt it
yes i swear i have learnt it for 5 years n still not mastered it it is one of the toughest in the world i can gurantee u