1. What helps a tiger to move in the dark?
2. How can a tiger know if there is another tiger in its area?
3. A tiger's sense of hearing is very sharp. Give reasons to support this statement.

Give reasons for:
1. Dogs are used in the rescue operations by the police. It is because of ---------------
2. Birds do not have a strong sense of hearing. Birds like eagle can spot a mouse in a field from high in the sky. It is because of -------------------------------------------
3. Snakes do not have external ears. They cannot hear high frequency sounds. But they are not deaf. They can feel ----------------------------------------------------



1. The reflective layer at the back of their retina reflects the small amount of light and make it clear to see. 2. It uses the smell of scent of unfamiliar tiger. 3.Tigers can hear small sounds as it has whiskers and hair at ears. G 1.They have the power of smell. 2. It has a sharp eye sight. 3. Temperatures, smell and feel the vibrations on ground produced by the prey.
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