When the vapour phase of h2o condenses the surrounding air becomes warm. Because gases have more higher enger than solids or liquids . When condensation takes place, there is a drop in energy and this energy has go somewhere to the surroundings. So, the surrounding air becomes warm when vapour phase of h2o condenses.
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When water vapor condenses, it becomes cooler and into water.  There is a lot of heat stored in steam. When it  condenses, it changes the physical state to liquid.  the latent heat of vaporisation that is stored in side the steam is released to the surroundings.

so the surroundings get warmed up.

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when water vapour condenses the air surrounding it cools to make it into a liquid form , almost everyone knows the change of water states liguid cools to become solid , gas cools to become liquid and solid heats to become liquid and liquid heats to become solid , so basically from this concept we can understand that the surroundings will be cool.