1)The leader of national conference party was
a)sheikh abdulla
b)mohammed ali jinna
c)haji abdulla
d)sir syed ahmed khan
2)Which is the main obstacle for the progress of SAARC?
3)Why petroleum is called "liquid gold"?
4)It is not appropriate to measure the development of a country based on it's national income.why?

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1)a)sheikh abdullah 2)unanimity among member nations 3)it isimportant energy resource in agriculture industry and transportation and in all economic activities so it is called as liquid gold 4)those countries which have higher national income are called developed countries.the other countries are called under developed countries. so many countries consider national income as n indicator of development.however economic progress cannot take place in a country where the population increases along with the increase in national income.so comparison of  economic development between countries which have different levels of population will not be appropriate....
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