Actually it is not related to studies.
My friend who completed 10 class.He is very disappointed about his personality.he is neither tall nor fit.If enters into a college then he will be humiliated by others who are taller than him.

so,Is there any solution to this and I forgot to tell that his height is 4.5!



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If you think that you are humiliated then u cant build up ur confidence levels. actually he or she might have studied about nick vujicic right. in english 1 unit personality development tell ur friend to study again. and search in google about sudha chandran, hellen keller, stephen hawking. i think it may help your friend.
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Well, very happy to hear that you worry a lot for your friend that you can even tell lies to brainly that you are asking question about physics.
But still if you see then the word IMPERFECT also contains I AM PERFECT.
make your friend understand that.....

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