A man is carrying three bags of coconut and each bag contains 30 coconut . he has to pass through 30 toll booth before reaching his village . on each toll booth , he is required to give on coconut per bag as a toll . how many maximum coconut could remain with him to carry to his village




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He has Three bags. So he will give 3 coconuts in the first booth and do same till the 10th booth. After 10th booth, he has already given 30 coconuts and has only 60 coconuts. So he will have only 2 bags. Now he will give 2 coconuts at each booth. After 25th booth, he would have given total 60 coconuts and have only one bag with 30 coconuts. He has to cross 5 more booths with 1 bag. So he will give 5 more coconuts and he will be left with 25 coconuts.
So he could remain with 25 coconuts to carry to his village.
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