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I really think that I am the best student over others. I am always prepared while most of the kids aren't. I always plan , think twice and carefully before taking a decision and always come with outstanding results. I am bold to ask my teacher the portion which I didn't understand while most of the students of my class are too shy to speak with their teachers. I am not a person who spends the weekends by sitting in front of  the computer and mobile and then preparing for a test at the eleventh hour. it makes me tired and I will show only poor results . my policy is not to postpone anything. do whatever you can do today. why keep it for tomorrow ! after coming from school I plan my time table as when I get to a college there would be triple times home work and tests. so I start preparing from no which I see in none of my companions. I keep my class work up to date and study every night even when there is no test the next day. some of my teachers conduct a quiz unexpectedly. so I made It a point to study gk books every night . while my classmates become green with envy when I answer all the questions given by my teacher.i never forget my projects , assignments , cirrculars . I always take appropriate time to think and answer every question. I want to be a perfectionist. I try to be punctual and do all my assignments and project and submit before the date.  during my intervals I try to speak with my teachers as they help me when I work out with them. in addition getting good grades I am good at drawing, singing, dancing , sports and help those who are weaker  than me.  I join many clubs at my school and I try to be helpful as possible. I also encourage my friends who are dejected.. I love sports. so I became a member of my school basket ball team. it makes improve my spirit of team work , caring and sharing.i study my lessons ahead of time and find out the meaning for unfamiliar words . if my teacher asks for any I give  out the answers and impresses my teachers. I keep my books and personal belongings well organized. moreover I help my fellow classmates and enjoy time with them . I encourage them and be kind to them. I think these qualities in me makes me the best student over the others.

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