Education is primarily the most important means for increasing one's knowledge. As the saying says knowledge is power, education helps us to be teachers, leaders and the makers of a powerful future. Education is the reservoir of knowledge which enriches and sometimes even creates the skills a man must possess to be successful in life. Education is necessary not only to develop credentials and skills but it is an absolute necessity in the shrinking job market. If education is important adult education is equally important. Adult education has found an important place in the manifesto of many governments because educating the elders or adults would mean educating a family. Only if the elders in a family are knowledgeable with the up to fate developments in the society they will be able to tackle the youth in the family. Life becomes more interesting when knowledge is refreshed from time to time. This reduces the risk of dementia and other memory related disease too. According to an adage, there is no limit or time or age for acquiring knowledge. People must understand that age is only a number for those who want to achieve!!!!
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