Adult education is concerned not with preparing people for life, but rather with helping people to live more successfully. Thus if there is to be an overarching function of the adult education enterprise, it is to assist adults to increase competence, or negotiate transitions, in their social roles (worker, parent, retiree etc.), to help them gain greater fulfilment in their personal lives, and to assist them in solving personal and community problems. 
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Education is not recieved. It is achieved. It is the right of every individual. A democracy without education is meaninhless. You all must be aware of illiteracy in our country. Infact not just our country, across the world. It is education that lifts a nation to the heights of success and progress. Adult education is needed to develop out economy. People who did not get an opportunity to get educated can fulfill their dream to study. If education is important, adult education is equally important because educating an adult would mean educating a family. Adult education has become a great necessity. There is no limit or age for aquiring knowledge. People must understand that age is only a number to those who want to achive.
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