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Butterfly : hi bee how are you
Bee : I'm fine what about u.
Butterfly : even I'm fine . where are u from so many days.
Bee : I'm was collecting honey .
Butterfly : hmmmmmmmmmmmm. And what else.
Bee : nothing else came here to collect some more honey from the flowers.
Butterfly : i was having a thought in my mind from many days .
Bee : What's that.
Butterfly : that is how u people take honey from flowers but we can't.
Bee : Its a power given by god to honey bee because we can't live without honey.
Butterfly : Great Power. okay. I have to go to my home so bye.
Bee : even i have to go bye.
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Butterfly - Hey hello, Busy bee!

Bee- Hi, I'm not busy for a while though!

Bee- Say, How are you getting on?

Butterfly- I'm doing good. What about you?

Bee- Me too!

Butterfly- So, where are you coming from?

Bee- A little evening stroll, and you?

Butterfly- Returning from my daily nectar rounds.

Bee- Oh! great!

Bee- By the way, did you get the invitation?

Butterfly - Pardon, What invitation ?

Bee- Oh you didn't get then, See here it is

Bee- The invitation for the annual 'coloured flyers' party!

Butterfly- Oh wow! I'm surely coming!!

Bee- Our honor!

Butterfly- Alright bye dear! See you in party

Bee- Yes!! Bye, See you then.

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