Books are referred as mans best companion because they provide us entertainment when bored, give knowledge when needed and makes a man a fully perfect man if he reads them a lot.
       my favorite book is sinhasan battisi which contains interesting stories about king vikramaditya's bravery, honesty, selflessness and many more. in this book are hidden the great legends of king vikram which will surely motivate you and make you tell "i must also become like vikram". he is the favorite of all the gods specilly god indra. whichever cast age or place you belong to, you'l surely love vikram's values and selflessness. that's why love the book very much

Books are the true friends they have become my friends when I was just 3yrs. I have many favorites.But among them my fav is 'light from many lamps, It's a book which was preferred by our former President Dr.APJ.Abdul Kalam.He suggested me to read the book at an interview.The book is a totally inspirational one.It will guide all our way to the end of life. it's an amazing book.
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