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This means to show a positive enthusiasm  towards exams and to face them eagerly.
these can't be expected from all! these qualities would be observed from one if they are up to date with the syllabus and the one who has an optimistic environment around. them. u can still be motivated by starting from the scratch and i know...this might be hard at the start but can be enjoyed once in routine. u might think that r exams that important and do they deserve so much patience and hard work!? well u see they r just small assessments to evaluate ur position of  understanding.well...these r basically wat promotes all of as to next level. 
u could set up small achievable goals and try practicing them everyday until u r in touch.
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It means a positive attitude towards exams.many students have a great fear of exams we can call it examophobia. the students who don't study have a very less willingness for exams . after all they don't study and merely wanders here and there.and the students who studies very hard has a great eager to give exams . he has solved all the sample papers and last year's question papers. he has practiced a lot . in this i only want to say that we should study very hard and should give our best always
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