Astral projection is the act of seperating your physical body from your astrol body and enjoying the freedom of the astral world.
  here is the one simple technique you can use to enter the astrol world.
1) lay comfortably on your back and close your eyes
2) do not move your bodyand try not to move your eyes
3) wait and concentrate on the breathing (we have to think that the body is dreaming)
4) you have to neglect the urges the brain will think and that you are a sleep and will active the safety body paralysis
5) to protect you from moving around and hurting your self while dreaming when this happens you can finally seperate from your partialized - physical body (the problem with the seperation process is that the two bodies ate meged and you dont know which is the astral. if you try to move your physical body every thing will mess up and you might 'wake up' in partialized)
6) dont try to move and just visualize that you have new set of arms and legs.
7) and now a astral world created by you now you know that tose arms are a part of your astral body and you can move them  amd without being afried of waking up stupiedly.
when you enterd into the astrol world it's tin to take control now yo can do any thing you desire .