S= gbb,gbg,ggg,bgg,bgb,bbb,bbg,ggb. N(S)=8 A=event of getting atleast one boy A={gbb,gbg,bgg,bgb,bbb,bbg,ggb} n(A)=7 P(A)=n(a)/n(s) p(A)=7/8
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IT IS 7/8. I also got from others. It is gbb,ggg,gbg, ggb, bgg,bbg, bbb , bgb. Favourable outcome is =7 out of 8( total outcome). Hence is 7/8. Am I right ?. mine s wrong
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boy-b and girl -g

so the total outcomes are

 gbb  ,  ggg  ,  gbg  ,  ggb  ,  bgg  ,  bbg  ,  bbb  ,  bgb

favourable outcomes = 7

probability of getting atleat 1 boy =7/8

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