1. a. The things being sold are silver and crimson turbans, purple brocade tunics, mirrors with amber panels and daggers with jade handles. b. The merchants at the bazaar are selling the wares. c. Silver, crimson, purple, green jade and orange amber are some of the colours mentioned here. The poet uses these colours to enable the reader to imagine a very vibrant scenario and adds life to the bazaar. 2. a. The poet is addressing goldsmiths in these lines. b. Wristlets, anklets, rings and bells are also made of gold. c. Simile- ‘Frail as a dragon-fly’s wing’. 3. a. Crowns are woven for the bridegrooms. b. The ‘white blossoms’ signify purity and innocence and reverence. c. The two contrasting events being referred to are marriage and death. 4. The hustle and bustle of the bazaar intrigues the poet. The vibrant colours and life fascinate her. (Answers can vary.)