Today 12 may 2014 is my first day as the collector of Mumbai, the city of diversity. I am planning to spend some efforts for the better living of people here at Mumbai. According to my view the main problem faced by the people in this city is scarcity of water/electricity, robbery & thefts in public places/trains, heavy rush in public transportation an the threats faced by women. To solve these problems i think people & the authorities must work together. For the water supplies, the leaking public water pipes should be repaired, new water pipe should be laid to the rural areas/un-perished areas of this city. The electricity power-cuts should be reduced by buying/making more power from the sources. The police must ensure the security of the people traveling in the suburban trains by enforcing checking & abolishing the beggars from the train/stations etc, to avoid the rush in the transport system new transport systems should be introduced or the prevailing must be upgraded. For the security of the womens in this city, all the trains should have ladies coaches, where no men can enter, night paroling in the streets are also needed, also we need to make new rules and spread awareness about these threats. I am the one who is responsible to do these, atleast to my level best, so that i live up to the expectations of the citizens of my city. 
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