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It is important to respect our surroundings because first of all, it is where we live. And here are other reasons: 
a. Clean surroundings prevent diseases for people and animals.
b. If we take care of it,  we can have fresher air, 
c. a clean and organized surroundings make us feel comfortable and work better
d. protecting our environment means preserving the lives of animals and plants which can make a balance. 
e. Imagine the surroundings without trees. Global warming might be worse. 
f. Protecting the environment also means preserving resources for the future. 
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 1.A better environment starts with yourself!                                                                  2.Take care that little or no waste occurs and separate it properly when you dispose of it.                                                                                                                                  3.Clear up spilt chemicals and oil immediately and dispose of it in the right way, please check the product’s safety datasheet                                                                               4. Make sure car tyres are properly inflated (check the instruction booklet of your car) and check them regularly.                                                                                         5.Always report environmental incidents!                                                                             so,these things we respect our surrounding
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