Amit from hyderabad has got admission to a college in bengaluru . he has to share his room with another boy . when he arrives at the hostel he learns that his room mate has gone for a few days .the room is very messy based on his observations of the room, amit writes a letter to his friend, sumit, about his new room amit , write the letter.

in your writing remember to follow coder.

write an informal letter



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Dear Friend
I hope everything at home is fine.I have been allotted the above-mentioned room. However, I have to share it with my roommate. By chance when I reached the room, was not there, he had gone home for a few days. When I opened the room, I found it in disorder. From this I gathered that my room-mate is a jolly young man. I describe how I arrived at such an estimate of him.I think my roommate is fond of sport as he has a tennis bat hanging on the wall, though the bat is worn-out at a few places. He is fond of boxing also. This is clear from the wall poster of a famous boxer. He is a lover of wild life. This is clear from a picture of a cat hanging over the wooden shelf. He also is fond of music, especially the guitar. It appears he is a fine guitarist and plays it occasionally. My roommate is very casual about his dresses. This is clear from his trousers hanging from the back of the chair and shirt lying on the floor. He has a timepiece. It appears that he is hard pressed of time and has to wake up early in the morning. In all, I assessed that my roommate is a fine Young man looking at life with spirit and liveliness. I presume, I shall go on well with him because I have also similar tastes and traits.Do visit me whenever you are in Delhi.
yours sincerely,
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