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I lay gazing up at the glistening crystals, 
Delicately dropping down from the jagged rocks. 
I lay wondering about the twinkles in the moon lit sky. 
Leaving the reflection standing, holding it’s shine, 
Lighting up the pebbles below. 

I lay listening to the tinkle each time the diamond droplet of water fell, 
The tinkle of the droplet was so soft and soothing. 
I let out a sigh in awe. 

I lay taking in the waterfall’s natural beauty Shimmering 
against the crystal clear sky, 
The scenery was breath taking and wonderful. 

As the tiny blue sapphires hit the sharp rocks below 
They smashed into tiny pieces of glass. 
Flying over the silky sooth rocks in a fountain like shape. 

At the bottom of the crystal fall, 
The white fluffy froth glitters and sparkles 
Like angel dust at Christmas. 

The moon’s reflection is in the pool, 
Round, smooth and shiny like a diamond 
from my mother’s necklace. 

a poem by myself I hav even published a book

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It is in the book secluded altitudes written by me my 7th poem
                Autumn's Season   :                             
                            Autumn brushes her hair slowly
                                         Letting the glorious colors
                                  flow gently to the earth below.
                                            Showing off vibrant colors
                          in contrast to summer's green dress.
                                        Out doing the starkness,
                                        of winter's white coat.
                            Autumn compares the mutable
                   shades of spring to her fall Giving a sigh ,
                                             end of another season.
             She packs her brush as frost touches her tips.................
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