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History is full of unknown facts. A lot of facts are not carried out to youngsters which are not found in the History books of today. Youngsters are now mostly attached to televisions, games, computers, etc. They do not watch all these for knowledge so parents must try their level best to keep them away from those. Now lets come to the topic, According to me I would like to draw my attention for the promotion of historical topics as it would promote a sense of truthfulness in the people especially children. History is full of facts and if movies are made depicting them then they must have all the truths related to it and the children in an unknown manner come to know more on the topic. For example : Everyone know that Jawaharlal Nehru was the First Prime Minister(as in history books) but if children are promoted to see about their truths then we can see in the Internet that he was a Muslim. For instance, children come to know Mangal Pandey more by watching his movie than by studying about him.
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i completely agree with u...and the answer is very impressive.....good one