All liquids are fluids but not all fluids are liquids as fluids also contain substances in gaseous state.
liquids occupy the shape of the container
liquids  boils down to their viscosity as fluids have a higher viscosity such as oils than liquids. Fluids can be gases also whereas liquids arte altogether different than gases.

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See here liquid mes t can flow from one place to anotehr
it can be a liquid or a gas
but liquid is diffrent from a fluid
liquids occupy the shape of the container
properties of gases and liquids are different
gases have low density and intermolecular forces of attractions are negligible
gases are hi9ghly comprresible
and gases are energitic
but liquids are less denser and are slightly compressible
but gases are also effusible,diffusible etc and also undergo effect of gravitation
viscosity is also a factor

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