Adolescent is a period between adulthood and puberty

puberty is a stage at which child gets ts sexual maturity.
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but can you explain it clearily
adolescence-period of transitionfrom chidhood to adult
puberty-period of life during which an individual becomes sexually mature
puberty-it is a period of several years in which rapid physical growth changes occur and an individual become sexually mature.
The period of life when the body undergoes several changes to reach maturity is called Adolescence, or growing up stage of life.It is a transition between childhood and adulthood .12-18 yrs is called adolescence period
Puberty is a process of physical change that occurs in human body during maturity. This stage usually begins at ages 13 – 14 for boys, and ages 10 – 12 for girls. However, this may vary from person to person.The stage of puberty ends with the attainment of sexual maturity in an adolescent.
 Puberty stage is part of adolescence.
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