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The Mithivirdi Nuclear Power Plant will be set up in collaboration with the United States. Based on the Indo-US Nuclear Deal from 2007, United States agreed to full cooperation with India in case of civil nuclear development, given that the Indian goverment would completely separate its military nuclear facilities from civil nuclear facilities and decide to pursue the latter. 

Mithivirdi Nuclear Power Plantproject has just gained the coast regulatory zone (CRZ) clearance for setting up the "intake and outfall facility" which is crucial for its completion. It will be used for two things - pumping the sea water which will be utilized to cool down the reactors and creating a deep-sea discharg facility. 

The whole nuclear plant should have about 6000MW of energy-producing capabilities and its construction will be split into stages. Starting with 2000MW of power and then adding additional 2000MW a time. 
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