CBSE Class - 8 - English MCB Unity - 1 THE GOLD FRAME
1.what objects occupied the floor and what covered the wars af The Modern Frame works?
2.what picture do we get of Datta himself--what he rooked iike, how he sat in the shop?
3.what attitude did the customer have to the framing of the photograph?
4.what was Datta's attitude to the framing of the photograph? How did Datta
put the customer in his place-by talking or talking less?
5.what did Datta do when the customer tried to bargain?
6.what action of Datta led to the damage of the photograph ? was the action new or was it his practice from time to time ? how can you tell ?
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1,  The objects and things required to make photo frames occupied the floor.  They are :  cardboard pieces, bits of wood, glass sheets, nails and nail boxes, glue bottles, paint tins and all other miscellaneous things needed for making frames.

   Many pictures which were already framed covered the walls of the Modern Frame works.

2)  He was a hard working man.  He was a silent man, loving silence and his work.  He was probably a middle aged person.  He probably looked a little worried, and serious.  He probably had white hair to some extent.  He wore a dhoti and a simple shirt.  He was not rich.  He had to work for his food and to take care of his family.

He was the owner of the shop.  He was usually  careful with his tools and job.    He was able to work with in a small space in the shop.  He did not like much of friends and disturbance in his work.

He sat among the tools, frames, card board pieces,  boxes of pictures, bits of wood, glass sheets, nail boxes,  paint  tins,  glue bottles,  and all kinds of other things.
    The customer felt that the photograph was very important to them.  The person in the photograph was like a God to them at his home.  He even described sincerely the greatness of the person in the photograph.
4  Datta initially did not give much importance to the customer , when he was standing on the pavement.  Datta ignored the customer.   Only when the customer unwrapped the photograph and then described the greatness of the person in the photo, he started to look at it.
5.  Datta did not agree to the price bargained by the customer.  The customer had to agree with Datta. 
6.  Datta needed the pencil stub.  Usually he drew the size of the picture on the card board with pencil.  He could not find that.  So as usual to find that he stood up and shook his dhoti very violently.  He upset the enamel paint tin very nearby.  It fell down and some paint spilled on the photograph.  That spilled paint damaged the photograph.

  That action of standing up and shaking his dhoti was his practice from time to time to recover lost items.

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