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         average velocity means the total displacement divided by the total time taken.

         this is different from the average speed as velocity is a vector.  when we take average we need to take into account the directions of velocity at different times.

     if an object travels for time t1  with a uniform velocity \vec{v1}  and for time t2  with a uniform velocity  of  \vec{v2}    then  the average velocity  is
\vec{v}=\frac{t1\ \vec{v1}\ +\ t2\ \vec{v2}}{t1+t2}

     if a person travels for  1 hour  covering a distance of 10 km in a straightline towards the North and then returns along the same straight line after 1 hour,  then 

      v1 vector is 10kmph  towards North.
     v2 vector is  10 km ph towards South.
  average velocity is  0.

    Average velocity is the net displacement divided by the time interval.

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