root of 9604 is 98
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The square root of 9604 is 98.
We have four digits here.
So,from the right side we will start taking two nos and group them so 04 is a number and 96 is a number.
Now,we will take 96 and see which the the squared no close to 96.That no is 9 which means 9^2 is 81 so we will now subtract 81 from 96 and we get the answer is 15.
then we will take the double of our quotient which is 9 i.e,18 now we will bring down the grouped number 04 and divide it with 18.
then we will put a number beside 18 which completely divide 1504 .
the no is 8 and then we will multiply 818 X with the number 8 i.e,818 X 8=1504
therefore,then we write the no 8 in the quotient 
& we will get the answer 98.
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ya it can be +98 or -98
but when its asked to solve by division method then it is not necessary to write + or -
not necessary, but not wrong as well