What r the points that should be kept in mind while being interviewed for the best student award? Plz I want good points and not any rubbish. I want something that would really help me

will you be a bit more clear?? you want points for the best student or the interviewer ?
For the student



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When being interviewed as the Best student, you should keep a few points in mind-

I) firstly most importantly, you need to sound modest and simple, it will cast a very bad impression if you are proud and showy.

ii) Next, it is also necessary to praise other students as well, Use phrases like-'' I'm really honored to emerge as the best student among a lot of such talented  students'' or " In our class we have many excellent students, they are not at all less talented than me, this was just my year".

iii) Never ever forget to thank you teachers, mention their names too.

iv) Also you must thank your parents for their support and help.

v) Lastly you must give some good study suggestions to the coming batch as well, be encouraging too.

The student is being interviewes and not making a speech
Please give me some points to keep in mind while answering the questions
Yes, these points should be kept in mind, while answering the questions.