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Time and tide wait for none, time is gold and time is precious are some proverbs which emphasize the importance of time for us. A day has 24 hours that is 1540 minutes but still whenever we are questioned why we delay to do a particular task we easily say, ' I have no time'. Each day is a gift of God for us not just to enjoy but also to carry out our responsibilities. Let us take an example. Mohandas karamchand was born on the second of October in 1869. He lived a life of morale, simplicity and absolute modesty. He rose to become the Mahatma of our nation. Today we all celebrate his birthDAY as gandhi jayanthi. A day becomes famous because of the person who was born on that day!! This shows that human beings have the potential to make a day special and loved because of their days. In addition to all these, we have been considering special days exclusively for celebration like the days on which festivals like Diwali, pongal and other festivals occur. Finally, let us not forget the day when everybody relaxes.....SUNDAY. It is important that we understand to relax and work on the same day without wasting much of our time.