Try to bring out in  the para -
her name
how ur grandmom is special 2 u
the bond between u 2
in what ways u like her
what things u do not liike about her
were she lives, what work she does, her age , interests etc.

Each one of us has one most important person in our life. For me my Grandmother is the most important and the most influential person in my life. She is traditional, sensible, kind, a good cook, religious and lovable.She has taken care for me since I was a newly born child. She has brought me up very well. She has changed my world by making me a good human being.Two months ago I have completed my Chemical Engineering with top grades and today I am placed in a well renowned multinational company. I gave the credit of my success to my grandmother because when I was a kid my mom and dad both were busy in their respective jobs and she took pains to make me study well to get good grades.She took care for me at home and makes me eat healthy food so that I can stay healthy and attend my school regularly. Whenever I was filled with negative thoughts about my parents that they do not care for me like other parents do, she made me understand that they love me but fail to devote ample time due to their jobs. When I was bored she played with me like a child. I have discussed all my problems with her and she has always given solutions to all my problems.I really miss her a lot. She was a very good cook. She used to make my favorite dessert .she has always helped me in teaching economics as she was a gold medalist in economics. Economics was the only subject which I hated a lot in my childhood days. But she always made it easier for me.She made me confident to face life failures with grace. She always taught me to believe in myself no matter what happens. She taught me to be brave. If she would have not been in my life to teach me the right patch life would have been completely different and I would have been completely a different boy.May be I might have not achieved so much success in life as I have achieved today. She was more than a best friend to me.  
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