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                                 FOREST OUR LIFELINE
Do you know the things we see around are mostly made up of forest materials? Forest plays a major role in our day to day life. It satisfies our day to day needs.
Forest is a main reason for the india to be a developing country. We use many things in our everyday life. Those all things are made up of forest materials. We all eat different kinds of foods. The things that are required to make a food is given by the forests. Forest provide kitchen products, industrial products, and ofcourse, our survival is due to the forests. It provides different kinds of fruits, vegetables, oil, etc. It provides timber, rubber, wood for fuel, grass for fodder,and fruits for consumption. It also provides paper and other commodities for industrial purposes. Trees plays a major role in the process of respiration. The trees release oxygen which we inhale for breathing. On the other hand, The trees inhale carbon dioxide which we exhale for the same process. Thus trees plays a major role in our survival. Nowadays, Forests are slowly decreasing due to afforestation. If forests are destroyed fully, then there would be no foods, oils and any other products from the forest. The trees absorbs the heat from the sunlight. If the trees are destroyed then the heat would be more on the earth. Main drawback is we cannot survive without the release of oxygen by the trees in forest. Thus, we should not cut the forest. Instead we can afforestate in the deforestated area. 'Go green Breathe clean' is the saying that we should keep in mind. We should conserve forest. The earlier Vanmahotsava movement helped in conservation of forest. Thus Forest are our lifeline.
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