Alcohol is produced with the help _________________
cholera is caused by ________________
a person 1 m in front of a plane mirror seems to be _______ m away from his image
if you touch your _____ ear with right hand in front of a plane mirror it will be seen in the mirror that right ear is touched with ________
the size of the pupil become _________________ when you see in dim light
night birds have _________________ cones than rods in their eyes.
the planet which is farthest from the sun is ___________________
the planet which appear reddish is colour is____________
a groupof stars that appear to from a pattern in the sky is know as a__________________
a celestial body that appear to revolves around a planet is know as ________________
shooting stars are actually not ____________
asteroids are fround between the orbits of _________________ and ______________



Yeast in process  fermentation , 2m,left,your hand,____,____,pluto,mars,constellation,satellite,_____,planet,____
i have written as much as possible.
1) Yeast. 2) Severe watery diarrhoea. 3) 2m. 4)left. 5) left hand. 6)large 7) less 8) pluto 9) mars 10)constellation 11)satellite 12)stars 13)most asteroids lie in a vast ring between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.