Materials Required:-
Onion Knife,Forceps,Blade,Slides,Watchglass,coverslip,brush,
compound microscope,blotting paper,a clean piece of cloth,
Iodine solution,Safranine,Glycerine and water.
(1)Take a piece of onion scale and bend it towards the concave side until it breaks into two.When it breaks,you will notice that a thin membranous structure still connecting the two bits.This membranous structure is called onion peel or epidermis.
(2)Carefully tear off one of the bits from from the epidermis 
hold the freed epidermis with a forceps and peelit from the other bit.

(3)take some water in a watch glass and put the epidermis in it.Make certain that it is not folded or rolled.

(4)Add 1-2 drops of Iodine solution or Safranine solution.

(5)After about 2-3 minutes take the peel and wash in acid water if Iodine solution is used or in plain water If safranine is used.

(6)Take a clean glass slide and put a drop of glycerine almost in the middle of the slide.

(7)Place the stained piece of the peel in the glycerine and put a cover slip on it.

(8)Soak the overflowing fluid from the corners of the coverslip with the help of the blotting paper and clean the side.

(9)Observe the wet mount under the low power of the microscope and then under high power.
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The onion peel experiment details 
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