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The heart is a specialised muscle that contracts regularly and continuously, pumping blood to the body and the lungs. The pumping action is caused by a flow of electricity through the heart that repeats itself in a cycle. If this electrical activity is disrupted - for example by a disturbance in the heart's rhythm known as an 'arrhythmia' - it can affect the heart's ability to pump properly.
The electrical activity of the heart can be detected by doing an 'electrocardiogram' (also called an ECG).
A death is described as sudden when it occurs unexpectedly, spontaneously and/or even dramatically. Some will be unwitnessed; some may occur during sleep or during or just after exercise. Most sudden deaths are due to a heart condition and are then called sudden cardiac death (SCD).


Heart is a muscular organ about a size of closed fist that functions as the body's circulatory pump. It takes in oxygenated blood the veins and delivers it to the lungs of oxygenation before pumping it in to the various  arteries.       
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Heart is a pumping organ. It pumps blood to all the regions of the body by contraction and relaxation. It receives blood from various veins that open through the superior and inferior vena cava and the four pulmonary veins. 
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