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My favourite hindi TV program is C I D.there are many characters in this program.some names of them are Daya,Abhijeet,A.C P. Pradyuman,Dr. Salunkhe ,Dr. Tarika,Fredicks,Sachin,Vivek,Vinid,Shreya and many more.they are all very capable C.I.D officers.they are very brave and patriotic.they can solve any case .nothing or no case is impossible for them to solve.thos program is casted on every fridays,saturdays and sundays.i love to watch this program because of its thrill and favourite officer is Daya sir.he is very famous for his slaps and breaking doors.all the criminals are very afraid of him.his best friend is Abhijeet sir.he is also very talented and is said that he likes Dr. Tarika a lot.alll these facts makes me very curious to watch C.I.D.Fredick sir is very famous for his jokes.he makes the whole bureau a laughing house .he is very afraid of his wife.A.C.P. sir is very strict and he has full control on his emotions.together all of them makes a great team which is unbreakable.
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